About Us

Africa Arbitration (AA) is designed to project the arbitration industry and jurisprudence in Africa. It has been created to showcase some of the intelligent and experienced arbitration practitioners that Africa has to offer to the international arbitration community. This initiative is coming ahead of the projected increase in investment activities in Africa, which will inevitably lead to increase in the settlement of disputes by arbitration.

AA is run under the guidance of an Advisory Council made up of senior international arbitration practitioners and academics drawn from across Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East, all of whom are widely recognized for their extensive experiences advising and representing on disputes in Africa.

AA features the Africa Arbitration Blog (AAB), which provides a wide-reaching platform for brilliant arbitration practitioners to project their thoughts on arbitration issues to the international arbitration community. AAB is run by academics and practitioners’ with extensive knowledge and experience of arbitration in Africa. While we welcome and encourage contributions from all members of the international arbitration community on topics relating to Africa, AAB fields an impressive team of contributors made up of experienced lawyers from across Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East.

AA features a section for Africa news and events as well as a section containing information about the arbitration practices in individual African countries. It also includes a list of available arbitration legislations in Africa.